How to Build Your Practice Dream Team

The cornerstone of Functional Medicine and other wellness modalities is the “integrative approach.” This brings us to the concept of “it takes a village.” The success of your wellness practice may very well hinge on the team you build.


Who do you need or which “hat” are you going to wear today?

• Someone who owns the patient experience. This means always looking for ways to improve their interactions with your practice, addressing their concerns, and tracking their progress over time.

• Someone who is confident and empowered to answer the patient’s questions and make the decisions required to serve their needs.

• An experienced phlebotomist to perform blood draws and carefully monitor lab results. (If testing will be done on site)

• A creative thinker who will manage your social media, event, and marketing materials while creating brand awareness.

• An enthusiastic salesperson who is knowledgeable in all aspects of the goals and practices of the primary physician, preferably a health coach.

• An office manager who ensures that the team is functioning at optimal levels and everyone is performing their roles effectively and efficiently.

Another aspect of integrative medicine is a team of complementary practitioners who offer a range of other modalities.


Contributing specialists to your collaborative care team may include:

• Health Coaches
• Chiropractors
• Nutritionists
• Acupuncturists
• Massage therapists


The human elements behind your practice are crucial. However, technology is the icing on the cake to ensure that your patients have a remarkable experience. Your patients may already be overwhelmed with health problems. Therefore, their wellness journey should be simplified wherever possible. Additionally, your staff will be able to work seamlessly if you provide them the necessary tools. The following platforms will improve both the patient and staff experience.


What do you need?

• Living Matrix or similar intake product
• Canva or a similar marketing or design tool
• Practice better or similar client management platform
• Supplement partners
• Payment gateway
• Text messaging service


The remarkable patient experience is attainable once all these factors converge and come together with synchronicity and balance. If you are struggling with creating your own dream team or implementing technology in your practice, we would love to help.

Drop us a note and let us fit the pieces together for you! [email protected]

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