Product Implementation Support

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Sales and Product Support

We promote, train, implement and report.

Through our years in the functional and integrative medicine world, we have found there is a gap between product suppliers and their ideal customer – cash-based medical practices.

  • How do I get my product in front of doctors to use with their patients?
  • How will they know how to implement and promote it?
  • Do their office personnel know how to explain and sell our products?
  • Are there ways we could serve them better with our products?

You spend hundreds of thousands in research, testing and production. But what if the only thing keeping you from success is a bit of knowledge and training? How do you help doctors understand your product and benefit from it with their patients?

You don’t…We Do.

We bridge the gap

between product suppliers, practitioners, and patients.

Identify Your Audience

Train Their Sales Team

Reach Your Ideal Prospects

Gather Actionable Data

Explain Your Product

Deliver More Value

Wondering how we can help you promote your product?

Case Study

Problem: Lengthy customer decision process; unpredictable conversion rates

Solution: Clear customer journey, defined conversion paths, nurture funnels

Result: “Since hiring the Medicava onboarding team, our product implementation time has decreased from 65.3 days to 4.8 days in just six months. Translation – It now takes less than five days for a customer to make their first product purchase after creating an account versus the previous unpredictable cycle we were experiencing – sometimes as long as two months!”

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