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Welcome to our Medicava University, designed exclusively for Direct Primary Care practitioners like you. We understand that running a successful DPC practice requires a unique set of skills, including sales and marketing. That’s why we’ve created this comprehensive program to empower you with the knowledge and tools needed to thrive in the ever-evolving healthcare landscape.

What You’ll Gain:

  1. Three Months of Sales Training: Our academy provides you with a structured and in-depth sales training program, ensuring you’re well-equipped to attract and retain patients.

  2. Weekly Group Sales and Office Hours: Join our weekly group sessions for valuable insights, best practices, and Q&A sessions. We’re here to support your journey every step of the way.

  3. LIVE 1on1 Coaching (4 Sessions): Real-time, personalized coaching sessions tailored to your unique needs. Get guidance, strategies, and feedback to maximize your sales potential.

  4. Develop Your Sales Collateral and Email Pipeline: We’ll help you create effective sales materials and email pipelines. Implementation occurs during your weekly 1on1 working sessions (4 total).

  5. A Done-for-You Sales System: We bundle all elements of the sales system together for you. Plus, you’ll receive the tools and resources needed to become a true patient sales guru.

  6. Systems Training: Learn how to manage your sales pipeline efficiently and gain proficiency in reporting and data analytics.

  7. Monthly Feedback Loop to the Provider: As part of our program, we provide a valuable feedback loop to help you continuously improve your sales approach.

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Your lessons instructors

Meet Lauren Tancredi

As a contributor to several successful ventures within the private medicine and wellness sectors, Lauren Tancredi is a serial entrepreneur whose personal experiences navigating complex healthcare systems, led her to her current role as Co-Founder of Medicava.  Lauren’s expertise in the business of private medicine, matched with her astute perspective on a 360° approach to strategic planning and practice operations has allowed her to launch, build and grow retail-based clinics throughout the United States since 2008.

Highly respected among her peers in the private medicine community, Lauren’s contributions continue to influence the industry and be proven invaluable.  Serving as both an innovator and educator, Lauren helps establish direct relationships between practitioner and patient.  Her style and scope of work are considered the gold standard—making her a highly sought-after consultant.

Lauren’s unique approach to implementing customized, membership-based care and programs gives providers the opportunity to practice autonomously, as an alternative to traditional healthcare systems.


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Your lessons instructors

Meet Claire Bodke

With over a decade of specialized experience in the private medical sector, Claire has a proven expertise in patient acquisition, healthcare marketing, and technology, which are the pillars of Medicava.

Navigating her way from supportive and sales roles to being an integral member of executive teams for some of the most widely regarded organizations in private and functional medicine, Claire has carved out her own path in this field as a best-in-class consultant and an authority in practice implementation. 

It was through her work as a medical technology sales manager, that Claire saw the need to offer her clients a personalized solution to their common needs, “I heard repeatedly from clients who wished there was one system that could do everything their practice needed” — instead of using this as an opportunity to sell more products, I understood that they didn’t need one system, “what they needed was someone to tie their systems together in a way that makes sense for them.”

Claire’s ability to understand new technology allows her to be agile in the customization and implementation of various medical software with each unique practice model.  As co-founder and principle of Medicava, Claire has been featured on syndicated podcasts discussing her work as well as actively marketing on behalf of her clients.

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