Scott Rattigan Attorney

Meet Scott Rattigan

Hi, I am Scott Rattigan, a licensed attorney in Florida. A few years ago, I helped my wife start up her functional medicine practice. Every night after work at my firm, we sat at the kitchen table trying to bootstrap our way into a successful practice for both us and for her patients.  I realized we needed professional help with the legal side of things. (Even though I practiced civil litigation, I was no expert in this new field.) We hired a healthcare attorney to help with initial paperwork and contracts. Our experience was similar to many other physicians who I’ve spoken with. While the attorney was helpful for overall advice and counsel, they were unclear of the unique needs specific to functional medicine.

Later on, I left the security of my law firm job behind to follow my passion of bringing functional medicine into the mainstream. I joined the Evolution of Medicine team as a Practitioner Support Specialist, helping providers to be successful in their businesses.



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